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Employer Benefits

Making it clear means you get it right

Offering a competitive benefits package will help you attract talented and loyal employees. Employers, large or small, need to consider not only program costs but also the resources required to administer, maintain and manage the program, while keeping up with regulatory requirements.

At Access Benefit Consulting this is what we do best! We will assist you through every step of the process to obtain the most suitable coverage to meet your group’s needs.  Our process does not stop at enrollment. Before your annual renewal we will provide a comprehensive benefits summary comparing your current package and renewal costs with cost saving alternatives.

Ask yourself:

  • Have you reviewed the new market options?
  • Would assistance with time-consuming administrative and claims issues be helpful? 

  • Are you fully informed about legislation and compliance issues that may affect your plan?


Access Benefit Services Include:

For groups from 2 – 500+ employees

ANNUAL BENEFIT AND COST COMPARISON A detailed, easy to understand comparison of your current plan and cost saving alternatives

ENROLLMENT ASSISTANCE If your business is enrolling with a new carrier or changing benefits, Access Benefit Consulting offers on-site benefit education and enrollment support

CLIENT SUPPORT We assist with time-consuming calls to resolve claims or administrative issues

LEGISLATION We keep you informed of compliance issues including Federal and State laws, COBRA, Group Continuation, TEFRA, HIPAA, and Overage Dependent Coverage


To begin, please download our BENEFIT CHECKLIST,
print and return with required information to

We work strictly on a confidential basis.